The Media Solutions Difference

We believe we understand why we’ve been so successful, and it’s a formula we’re not ever going to stray from. It isn’t that we’re necessarily the most experienced, or have better equipment, or even that we always have the most creative ideas. The truth is that some of our competitors possess similar attributes. It sounds like a cliché, but our differentiator is character.To explain … when we started out we found out that event organizers were skeptics.

About Me

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Meet the Team

What other outcome could there be when an executive from the environmental sciences field (that’s Morgan) and a director in a regional audio-visual company (that’s Vinnie) take a walk on the beach in Monterey in 2003? Friends since the 7th grade, Morgan was in town to see Vinnie’s newborn son so, of course, during their walk they decided to quit their jobs and form the events production company that became MSI.

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Our Clients

Use pictures, quotes and videos. Can “bridge” or accompany the bios with descriptions of the event being discussed, etc.