- Sales Meetings -

From product launches, trainings, annual meetings and everything in between, when it comes to Sales Meetings, MSI has done it all. Our sales-related events are successful because we start with a clear understanding of the event’s purpose from the perspective of the corporation’s sales management and apply that to the meeting’s staging and environment.

Our design personnel can create an environment that compliments your meeting’s objectives. If the goal is to motivate, then the event’s design will emphasize creating a dramatic environment that is punctuated with lively sound, impactful visuals and stunning lighting. If it’s to educate a sales team, the event environment will effectively transfer knowledge to the audience, but do so with some flair to keep their attention.

Economic analysis shows that companies that slash their marketing budget during a recession suffer the effects in terms of sales for another three to four years. Businesses that cut costs faster and deeper than competitors have only a 21% probability of pulling ahead of the competition when times get better.
Source: Harvard Business Review, Roaring Out of Recession, March 2010, Young & Rubicam Group

We’re as driven to achieve your goals as you are. Please tell us about your event and we’ll give you some ideas about how we think it can become a huge success.